Your Sink’s Spray Hose

The small conveniences in life usually aren’t missed until they’re gone. Case in point: You know those nifty little detachable sprayers that some sinks have? Mine broke today.

After I was done getting frustrated over having to actually wipe dishes and stuff down the sink (I know, right?), I looked into what could be going wrong with it. Apparently, it could be just about anything. The actual sprayer apparatus itself could be broken and need replaced, the aerator could be having problems, the hose could be punctured somewhere – just about anything.

For a problem like this, give Pipe X a call. Plumbing is most often done best when done by a professional, and for something with multiple reasons for failure, a plumber can be your best friend.

Pipe X plumbers serve Denver and the surrounding areas with great rates and expertise, so give them them a call when something like this happens to you!