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7 Items Forbidden By your Drains and Drain Cleaning Services Denver

7 Items Forbidden By your Drains and Drain Cleaning Services Denver

Being one of the busiest Drain Cleaning Services at Denver, we are flooded by calls of homeowners who have clogged kitchen sink, bathroom sink or sewer drains. And when our drain and sewer line experts are done with cleaning, the most common question that homeowners ask is- “what caused the clog?”

Why do drains disapprove certain items?

The fact is that people fail to realize that they their drains disapprove carrying many of the items and so do we. Drains are no doubt made to carry the waste waters away from house but they aren’t the garbage bins. You must certainly not toss anything down the drains, thinking that there is some garbage monster inside who would gulp whatever comes inside.

Even if you have garbage disposal installed at your house, you are not free to disposing everything as its blades are not meant to crush and vanish every hard and gluey item. Ultimately, the gluey items would find a way to escape and hard items would be changed into bits or pieces that would end up in causing clogs.

7 Items Forbidden By your Drains

Here’re some of the items that your drains hate and so must not be poured down the drains unless you are not willingly inviting continuous services of the best drain cleaning services or Sewer Line Cleaning Denver.

• Coffee Grounds

You may think that you can get away with the blame of buildup in your kitchen sink due to your belief that coffee grounds are tiny and they would flow away with the waste waters just like dust does. But you would have to believe that they are the culprits of gradually developing clogs in your drains.

• Hard Eggshells

Eggshells are hard and even if they pass the garbage grinder level, they would be turned to small pieces that would cause clogs coordinating with greasy muck.

• Oil, Grease

The unsung heroes of your house (your drain and sewer lines), struggle a lot dealing with the greasy items that make the drain flow slow and ultimately cause clogs.

• Product Stickers

You might dump the stickers down the drains thinking they are harmless as water would wash away the adhesive but you must know that the adhesive is sticky and even the slightest of adhesive left on the stickers can make them stick to pipes or drains, contributing to clogs.

• Cotton Balls

Cotton balls, dental floss are other items that people dispose thinking that they would dissolve like toilet papers but they surely won’t.

• Female Hygiene Products

Even though some feminine products come with a flushable label, flushing them down the drains is not the best idea. Most of the times, they don’t dissolve but add to the drains distressing clogs.

• Household Chemicals

Drains can have a really hard time dealing with the chemical household cleaners or paints, car fluids, etc. The best way of getting rid of them when they are of no use is by throwing them in garbage.

Have You Been Careless with your drains for a long while?

If you believe that you have been dumping the above given products and many more alike into your kitchen, bathroom or sewer lines and your drain flow has gone slow, you must call the best Drain Cleaning Services at Denver to clean the mess that you have created inside your drains.

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Why are Hydro Jetter Services Worthwhile?

Why are Hydro Jetter Services Worthwhile?

Generally, people fail to distinguish between situations that require drain cleaning and hydra-jetter services.

Being one of the acclaimed plumbing services in Denver, we generally get a lot of calls from our clients who have themselves figured out that they need a drain cleaning or jetter services. Most of the times, the judgment is right and about rest, we would say that they don’t have a clear picture about the difference.

What is hydra jetting and how does it work?

Hydra jetting is a simple and efficient way to get rid of roots, greasy gunk and debris that sticks and stays in your drain or sewer lines. The process involves the use of uniquely designed nozzle connected to one end of a special flexible hose. The other end of hose is linked to a heavy duty motor that propels water into the drain lines. The uniquely built nozzle that is attached to an end of hydra-jetter hose have a clever arrangement of forward and reverse water jets which create a water pressure that cuts sludge and other greasy wastes contaminating your pipes.

Why to avail Jetter Services?

  • More Efficient:

Hydra jetting doesn’t only help in getting rid of the clogs but it also cleans your drain lines and set your pipes free of debris. Cable machines are capable of dealing with solid obstructions and they pierce and tunnel out a way through clogs but they can’t clean your pipes.

Hydra-jetter on the other hand cleans your pipe-walls properly and so the same greasy sticky soft wastes that once caused clog won’t bother you again as in hydra-jetter services plumbers didn’t bore hole and made a way for waste water flow but they actually cleaned pipe walls and pushed the waste out of lines.

  • Safer:

Hydra jetter services uses just ordinary water and a measured pressure that doesn’t have influence on health of your pipes. Other methods of cleaning may use sulphuric acid or sodium hydroxide which may be harsh and corrosive and drain snakes also can break or crack the drain line.

  • Healthier:

Hydra jetting doesn’t only serve health benefits to your drain lines or sewer lines but they have those for residents too. Bacteria buildup in drain lines is a threat to human’s health. Other means of cleaning may not help you completely get rid of such predators housing in your drains but with jetter, you definitely can get your pipe walls cleaned of any such hosts.

  • Suitable for Restaurants and other such commercial establishments:

Jetter services are great options for saloons and restaurants as they generally flush a lot of greasy substances down their drains. Jetter services can help them get rid of such clogs. That special nozzle fastened on the end of hose that goes into pipes is special for a reason.

More Expensive?

The hydra-jetting may be bit costly than chemical and drain snake methods but they are definitely worth the extra price as they are more efficient, safer, healthier and more suitable.

Searching for a professional plumber who can perform hydra-jetter services for your household or commercial establishment?

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