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Dishwashers today are present in each and every household of the United States. The dish washing technology has made the man of today so addicted that even one day without a dishwasher seems a big burden. In such case, dreaming of a dish washer break down can be nothing but a nightmare- inconvenience, more time consumption and more usage of water.

In most of the cases, when dishwasher breaks down, it is not the dishwasher but dishwasher drain who is culprit. Being a reputed drain cleaning services Denver, we usually get large number of calls from our clients having problems with their dishwasher drain. This blog would guide you on causes and solutions of the common issues with your dishwasher.

Why Does Dishwasher Drains Create Problem Every time?

It is the food remains that cause the trouble. This may mean that you are using old models of dishwashers which don’t have filters installed. You either need to replace or upgrade your dishwashers.

Why Does Water Back Up In Bottom of Dishwasher?

There is no garbage monster in the dishwasher who eats up all the food remains. So, when the food particles get washed off from dishes, the collect on the filters, drain hose or in drain basket. This causes water to back up in dishwasher.

Solution When You Have Already Invited the Trouble:

Possibility is that you have a clog in drain hose, filters or drain basket. You can follow the following tips to get rid of the unpleasant experience with your dishwasher.

– Run Garbage Disposal

The drain that connects your dishwasher and garbage disposal may be filled with waste. You can run water and the garbage disposal for 10-20 seconds. This would help clear the disposal drain.

– Check Dishwasher Drain Pipe for A Bend Or Twist That May Be Slowing Down Flow Of Water:

If you don’t know how to reach to the drain under the dishwasher, the right way, better call drain cleaning services Denver at this step. Otherwise, it is just a bend in pipe that you need to untwist and the flow would restore back to normal.

Preventative Maintenance of Your Dish Washer Drains:

– Rinse Your Dishes Before Loading Them To The Dishwasher

It might seem like a burdensome task but it would prevent any problem in your drain or water logging in your drain basket.

– Rinse Drain Basket Regularly:

Even if the dishwasher company ensures that you won’t need to do it, you should remove the drain basket regularly and rinse it to avoid any uninvited clogs.

Professional Help:

Need professional’s help in dealing with your dishwasher’s drain issues?

PipeXnow has licensed plumbers and well trained drain cleaning professionals that can help. Call today for a free quote.