When you’ve got a problem with underground pipes, Pipe X will try to minimize the harm to your landscaping and other surface structures. When possible, we can perform hand digs to confine the mess to a small area, instead of employing heavy machinery, which may cause more disorder to your yard. In the instance of compacted soil, roots, clay, or rocks that prevent hand digging, we can use various handheld excavation machines to assist us. In all cases, we will always repair the landscaping to the best of our ability, backfilling the trench with soil and laying the sod back in place. Our first goal is always to fix your plumbing problem quickly and effectively, but we also desire to minimize the disruption to your home and landscaping.

That being said, some sewer lines running from your house to the city’s sewer pipes can be as deep as 20 feet down. If you’ve got a problem with those pipes, Pipe X has the video inspection and detection equipment to find the source of the problem. Once located, our technicians will determine the best solution, and if we need to access those deep pipe to fix repair or replace a line, hand-digging isn’t going to be a viable option. Pipe X has backhoe machinery to dig through earth that would never be possible with smaller hand-held equipment. Our excavation services enable us to dig necessary trenches to access damaged pipes or to install new lines, septic tanks, and more. Call us today for any of your plumbing digs/excavation service needs.

Trenchless Repair/Rehabilitation

If you have underground pipes that need to be replaced due to cracks and other issues, we may be able to install new lines without digging up your entire yard and other surface structures. Pipe X offers a trenchless repair/rehabilitation method called “pipe bursting”, involving a machine that uses a pointed bursting head that drives through the old pipe, breaking it apart into tiny pieces. Simultaneously, the machine pulls in new High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, which is laid in the cavity left behind the bursting head. Our bursting heads are capable of breaking up pipes made of PVC and even cast iron. If you’ve got a problem in your underground pipes, Pipe X will identify the issue and present the solution that makes the most sense for you.