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Rust in the Water of your Dishwasher

Rust in the Water of your Dishwasher

Ever opened up your dishwasher just to find a bunch of rusty water floating around?

It’s most likely that you have galvanized pipes. Normally, pipes have a zinc barrier preventing them from rusting, but sometimes this barrier corrodes away, and leaves you with pipes that can rust. These kind of pipes cannot be cleaned once this has happened.

Some dishwashers are equipped with little screens to capture the rust, but sometimes it also doesn’t do enough.

If you’re having this nasty little problem, you’ll probably need to replace your galvanized pipes with copper ones to get rid of the rust. For this project, give PipeX a call!

We serve Denver and the surrounding areas with our great rates and expertise, and will have no problem fixing this or any other plumbing problem for you!

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