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Clogging and blockage might occur anywhere in an underground pipe, encased in concrete, behind the walls and beneath your home’s foundation. These clogs are sometimes hard to identify without using proper equipment. This is when specially built waterproof sewer line cameras come in handy. Using such high-end technology simplifies and expedites the process to identify hidden issues with sewer lines.

How does sewer line inspection camera work?

A professionally trained sewer solution specialist inserts a flexible rod into the pipe. The rod has high-end camera at its tip. Since the camera is fixed on a flexible rod, it becomes easier to move it around the pipe. The camera then sends video signals back to an HD monitor. That video is used to detect where exactly the issue is and uses that for further treatment of the pipe.

There’s a bright LED light attached to the top of the rod in order to illuminate the inside of a pipe to see any cracks, clog sources or structural problems. A radio transmitter present inside the camera is used to record the underground depth and precise physical location of the obstruction in the pipe. Using such techniques, it becomes easier for sewer solution specialists to come up with cost-effective treatment and repair options.

What type of problems can be identified with a sewer line camera?

With sewer inspection video camera, a technician can find out any problem with the pipe. Some of them can be root intrusion, cracks, punctures, corrosion, or misaligned pipe sections. The camera can also be used to identify grease buildups, leaks and other obstructions. After identifying the exact location of the problem, the technicians can employ the right process to resolve the problem. To check whether the issue is resolved or not, a follow-up video inspection can be performed.

When should you consider getting your pipes inspection done?

Such inspection should be done if you have been constantly facing issues with sewer or drain line such as slow drain or clogs. In addition, people who are planning to purchase property should get the entire sewer line checked to identify any possible problems that might lead to serious consequences in the future, thus avoiding any trouble and further expenses. The sewer inspection can be used to determine problems in the sewer line if there are any.

At PipeX, we have licensed and certified plumbing technicians with deep experience and expertise to identify problems in confined areas and fix them in the safest manner. We utilize state-of-the-art sewer line camera inspection Denver technique to visually inspect the pipes from the inside and determine exact areas of blockage or damage. Once the problem has been identified, we employ the right tools and techniques to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Our services are cost-efficient, safe, world-class and can restore your faulty plumbing system in less time.