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Nothing troubles much than a blocked sewer line. No matter if it is a residential or a commercial place, a blocked sewer line blocked can cause a grave situation in any scenario.

One may sometimes not find suitable sewer line cleaning service Denver due to extreme hours, lack of awareness and many other reasons. Thus, taking pre-emptive steps to forestall the situation can save the costs and troubles of the future.

Causes of Sewer Clogs:

Before knowing the preventive steps, one must know why causes congestion in the sewer drains. Here are some of the common reasons of sewer blockages.

  • Worn out sewer systems 

The sewer lines spread out over 500,000 miles of area in the United States of America are more than 30 years old. As more and more lines are being added to the old worn-out system, the incapacity of the aged system is causing blockages.

  • Merged drains

In sewer systems where storm-water drains and sewage drains are combined, the problems of sewer backups are more likely found.

  • Tree roots seeking water to grow

The underground sewer pipes are prone to tree root damage as the strong roots make their way to the pipe and damage the smooth flow of waste mater. However, in most scenarios, the loss due to tree roots is more than just congestion.

If your sewer line cleaning service provider has informed you about the blockage due to the roots of a tree that belongs to the city, you might also have to call the city sewer helpline.

  • Blockages in the main sanitary of the city

If there is a blockage in the master sewer system of the city and if it is not treated in time, it may mess with the floor drain pipes.

Preventive measures for preventing sewer clogs

Here are some of the preventative measures that one can take to avert the big loss:

  • Regular drain cleanup using enzyme drain cleaners:

To prevent bigger troubles, one can follow a drain cleanup routine to keep their pipes clean of anything that can cause the congestion. Using chemical cleaners is unhealthy for pipes, living organisms, and the environment as a whole so enzyme cleaners must be used.

  • Trees and plants must be grown away from sewer pipes:

Growing trees near the sewer pipes can obstruct maintenance, blockage and permanent damage of the pipe. So, trees must be grown at a significant distance from the underground sewer pipes.

  • Letting wipes, greasy products and other sanitary waste down the drains:

Such products thicken the waste flowing through the drains and as a result, the flow impedes in the sewer drains with the addition of such waste inside the pipes.

  • Substituting the clay and lead sewer pipes:

Pipes of such materials may undergo corrosion or wear tear with time.

  • Availing professional sewer Line cleaning service Denver:

A master clean-up performed once a year or at regular intervals, depending on the age of sewer pipes and the frequency of sewer pipes congestion can reduce the risk of sewer line clog to a great extent.