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Recently we have experienced a heavy flux of questions from our customers who were seeking or planning to seek professional plumbing help for their sewer line cleaning, drain line cleaning or waterline repair related job, about the confusion related to inclusion of plumbing services in essential service bracket.

Pandemic or not, plumbing services are and would always be essential services and they are essential for several reasons.

Here’re some of the reasons why plumbing services are considered as essential services:

• Missing Maintenance may cause big issues with drainage, sewage or waterline system:

Whether they are residential or business buildings, regular maintenance’s are very essential in order to keep the waterlines, drain lines or sewer lines in good shape. Lets’ take example of drain clogs- the large costs spent on drain clogs can be saved by going for pocket friendly yet efficient jetter services regularly.

This won’t only save you from the troubles and heavy costs but it would also save your drainage, waterline or sewage system and would secure it for the expected lifespan. More major or minor repairs can eventually cause your systems to get weakened and useless in lesser than expected time.

• Emergency Plumbing Services Need Immediate Response:

A burst sewage line or water line would continue to cause damage until or unless the repair is done. A sewage line backing up would continue to put life on a standstill until the plumber comes to rescue and treats the issue.
So, even during the pandemic time, a plumbing emergency that has potential to cause huge property damage is important to be treated as soon as possible. This is why; waterline repair and all other emergency services need to be given immediate response.

• Convenience is a never-ending need:

Need for convenience is never going to change. There are repairs of these daily utility electronics such as geysers, refrigerators and many others, whose repair is necessary because residents are addicted to the quality life style given by those equipment’s and fixtures.

Even if we talk about taps, showers, drains and sewers flush, their efficient functioning is necessary because if they won’t work properly, lifestyle of residents would be affected and that is why, taking care of them is equally important as of other two conditions. So, if you are having a problem due to slow drains, getting your drains cleaned by jetter service is always the right solution.


As mentioned in the above three points, the plumbing services help the individuals live their ordinary lifestyle in the most usual way. This is why, they are considered as essential services.

Our plumbing force on the field is well prepared for the COVID-19 situation. The plumber who would come to you would be screened and would be provided all forms of precautionary measures so that you are safe while getting your job done by our waterline, sewer or drain experts.