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Get Those Clogged Drains Fixed!

Get Those Clogged Drains Fixed!

Clogged drains make up most of the problems people have with their plumbing. We all try to avoid it with drain cleaners that can’t actually do too much, or maybe with a small snake, but sometimes the problems can be bigger than that.

If you have a drain that you think is clogged by more than just a little blockage, then it will probably require a professional plumber. If it is not taken care of properly, your drains will only become more and more clogged, making the problem even worse than it originally was.

With the annual maintenance program, PipeX will call you to set up the drain cleaning and will provide the service at a 10% discount.

If your drains need help, call PipeX. We have great plumbers who can give you their great service, rates and expertise! We serve Denver and all the surrounding areas, so give us a call if you need our help!

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