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Drain issues come in various forms, and there’s always a need for fixing the problem yourself. Sometimes, the drain is only a little bit clogged and the problem fixes itself. Other times, the problem may go away for a week only but arise again in the worse form, once the obstruction is pushed further down the pipes. In fact, drains have more potential problems than just blockages, and these types of problems require experienced drain cleaning services provider to analyze and fix. While fixing it yourself may help for a day, it could also lead to more serious damage in the future. To prevent your drains from rupturing, degrading, or causing compounded damage to your bathroom or kitchen, allow a certified plumber to correctly diagnose and fix your drains!

Common Drain Problems

The drains in your home are likely to slowly degrade over time, and while this is perfectly normal, it can also lead to incremental cracking and more serious problems. Common problems include:

  • Decreased water pressure
  • Rust and debris causing obstruction or cracking
  • Obstruction from papers, hair, foods, and other disposed items

The Signs of Drain Damage

As your drains are used constantly throughout the day, these initially small problems can shape into big ones. You may start noticing a few changes in how your drains work and the most common signs include:

  • Water taking longer to drain from your bathtub, sink, or toilet
  • Water dripping from pipes or pooling around the toilet
  • A terrible odor from the bathroom area

This last sign may mean that there is an obstruction deep within your piping system, and if left untreated, the pipes could rupture. Should the drains rupture, it may lead to extensive damage within your house and especially in the bathroom area. Along with this, sinks can become clogged from settled foods, which can lead to a wall or floor damage. All of these worst-case scenarios can be costly and time-consuming, but they seriously need expert plumbers to be overcome.

Should I Fix It Myself?

Drain problems may seem simple at first, but there are usually multiple factors at play that lead to the damage. While you may be able to temporarily fix the symptoms on your own, you risk overlooking the main problem which can result in costly damages and time-consuming repairs. On the other hand, a professional plumber will have the modern tools and rigorous training required to quickly assess and fix your drainage problems.

A licensed and professional plumber will:

  • Wear shoe covers and place mats on the floor to ensure that your home stays clean
  • Quickly assess and diagnose the problem
  • Find a solution that will get your plumbing working again quickly
  • Provide tips to ensure that your plumbing stays strong for years to come

Should you fix it yourself or hire an unlicensed plumber, you may be delaying more problems while risking your home’s integrity. A licensed plumber will have insurance to guarantee that your drains are safely and effectively fixed without damage to your property. While drains may be inexpensive, a big leak could damage a home’s foundation or walls. To prevent this, a plumber will assess your home for future risk which will save time as well as your money.

Even if your drain problems seem simple, contact a licensed plumber from Pipe X today to ensure complete satisfaction. Fixing drains on your own can lead to overlooked problems and costly future repairs. With a trusted plumber, you will never have to worry about your drains again!