Sewer Line Cleaning Services

As a full-service plumbing agency, PipeX has seen just every kind of sewage problem out there. We can diagnose and repair your pipes with our optimum services for Sewer Line Cleaning Denver and other surrounding areas, including:

  • Broken or cracked pipes

PipeX is able to tell if you have a broken or cracked pipe and repair it so that you don’t have to deal with anymore leakage. Some tell-tale signs of broken or cracked pipes include water draining slowly in your sinks, toilets or bathtub, and odors in the basement or yard.

  • Corrosion

There are many possible causes of corrosion in sewer pipes, but once corrosion has started, your pipes begin to take on a rusted appearance and it can even change the appearance of your water. In copper piping, the ions oxidize and begin to turn blueish in color and in iron it looks more red or orange in color. Our certified service provider of Sewer line cleaning Denver, check the pH balance of your water to determine whether there’s been any corrosion and then work with you to determine the next steps.

  • Blockage

The most common sign of a sewer line clog is having backed up raw sewage coming back up out of your drains or hearing a gurgling sound coming from your drains. A common cause of this in older homes is overgrown tree roots, but it can also be caused by flushing the wrong items.

  • Bellied Pipe

A visible sagging in your pipe or “belly” can be a big problem because it means that your sewer pipe has lost the positive slope to its destination and can cause a blockage in the flow.

  • Joint Leaks

It can sometimes be difficult to tell where a leak is coming from, but PipeX plumbers are experienced at locating the source of your leaks.

  • Plugged sewer lines from over-grown tree roots

We can send a camera down the sewer line to directly view what is clogging your pipes. If the cause of the plug is overgrown tree roots, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the tree must be cut down. Your plumber can dig up the old sewage line and replace it with plastic, which tree roots are unable to penetrate, or treat the line with a poison that’s designed to only affect that particular section of tree root rather than the whole tree. Tree root problems tend to be a very common problem for sewer lines constructed prior to the 1980s.

  • Off-grade pipes

Off-grade pipes refer to existing pipes that may be constructed of a deteriorated or corroded material.

  • Clay pipes

Clay sewer pipe is a mixture of clay and shale that is baked at a high temperature. The problem with this type of pipe is that the sections are only 3 feet long whereas new PVC pipe utilizes 10-14 foot lengths and the joints are watertight. The joints in clay sewer pipes in most cases are not watertight, letting water out and roots in. Over time, the roots will grow due to the water saturation and will break the brittle clay pipes. When the water seeps from the joints, the ground beneath settles. This causes offsets and bellies which will hold debris and cause backups.

If you face any type of issue in your sewer line, we provide complete services of sewer line cleaning Denver and other surrounding areas with the best price. We can fix all your plumbing problems and clean your sewer line.