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2 Common Things Heard From Emergency Waterline Repair | What to do?

2 Common Things Heard From Emergency Waterline Repair | What to do?

We had a customer last week calling for an emergency waterline fix in Denver at the middle of night. He got our contact number from one of his neighbors and finally approached us. He asked for a quote and asked us about these 2 common things that he heard from every other plumber in Denver. He was a happy customer after receiving waterline repair services and he was also pleased that we didn’t repeat those words that every emergency plumber in city did.

If you reside or have a commercial space somewhere in Denver or nearby place, you can relate to these 2 common emergency plumber things, mentioned in the blog.

“We don’t have a ‘quote over the phone call’ policy”

When you’re calling several plumbers for getting to know how much it costs to treat the plumbing emergency repair, you must have often came across many services who won’t tell you charge without physically encountering the problem. Many would send plumbers to your place at zero to minimal charges to take a view of problem and then the plumber would give you a quote.

When you hear something like this, two things are likely to happen.

Case 1: One case is that you have come across a good plumbing service and he would carefully determine the situation before he quotes you the price. In such case, generally the quotes are very accurate. Even if they ask for a fee for quote, they just are covering the cost of commute.

Case 2: It is likely to happen that they would charge high and you may not feel the work worthy of such cost. Even if you refuse to go ahead with repair or drain cleaning service Denver, you would have to pay the service fee for their coming to your place and quoting.

What to do when you hear it?

If you can’t say no to face, you should rather search for services that offer free quotes on call. If you want to consider these services that have this policy of not telling quotes, check the reviews of company.

“We charge extra on nights, public holidays and weekends”

Many times, you need to get rid of a sewer or drain back up as soon as possible and that’s when you would be willing to pay the extra price for the emergency.

Case 1:  Plumber would offer a temporary band aid till the time he is able to perform complete repair (generally in business hours). It mostly happens when the repair is postponed due to scarcity of some resource (tool, part or may be plumbing expert). In case it is about tool, sometimes they open stores and bring parts that are then given to you on premium prices.

Case 2:  Emergency repair services generally mitigate and stop the effect of a problem over your property. They sometimes even repair it for you when you call them during emergency hours. If it is waterline breakage and you want to save the extra costs of emergency waterline repair you can shut off the valve of the particular offending pipe and repair can be postponed till the business hours.

What to do when you hear it?

If it is a sewer line back up problem, get it treated at that time and if it is a waterline repair that can be postponed, turn off the offending pipe valve until the business hours.

Brief Guide on Plumbing Sounds| Waterline Repair, Drain Cleaning

Brief Guide on Plumbing Sounds| Waterline Repair, Drain Cleaning

At midnight hour or in the day when you are all alone, noticing the eerie silence at your home, are you ever haunted by sounds from your taps, showers, kitchen drains or bathroom drains?

Well, if it is a yes, let’s proceed ahead with what those sounds actually mean and why you should then be scared about your waterline or drainage system.

We must mention that we are not talking about the sounds that come when you let the water down the drain or the general sounds that indicate the normal working of drainage or waterline system. We are discussing those plumbing sounds that you may sometimes assume are normal but in actual they are indication of a grave problem that requires immediate waterline repair or drain cleaning.

Vibrating or Rattling:

You may be familiar with such sound. The vibrating sounds that pipes make when water passes through them. Generally, loose pipes are the cause when you a hearing this sound frequently and a little loud. You can tighten the mounting straps of pipes or replace the older ones to extend life of your waterline & avoid problems related to it.

If it is not getting stopped, water pressure coming at your house is high. Call a professional plumber to get a pressure mitigating valve installed.


Your drains don’t actually do this gurgling practice if they are healthy. When you hear sound of gurgle when water flows down a suspected drain, it’s a blockage that needs immediate treatment by drain cleaning services Denver. If you can’t spot one suspected drain but suspect every other drain at your house, your drain vents need to get replaced.

Thudding, Shuddering or Banging

The vibration of water pipes behind your walls has gotten worse. It is a more serious problem than described in the previous point. When a fast working valve abruptly stops the flow of water to the dispensing point, a sound that resembles hammer hitting hard surface is produced. To those who know, yes it is hammer effect.

If it is left untreated for long, it can cause serious issues to waterline system. If the sound is getting worse and wild every day, you need to call a waterline repair as soon as possible.

Screeching or Whining

Unlike the other above mentioned sounds, this sound reveals problem with outer plumbing part. Most probably, it is a loose/broken part in faucet. To get the part or faucet replaced is the best call.


After knowing about the plumbing sounds that haunt your house, you must get the problems treated or they can turn into something big and risky to your property.

5 Most Common Plumbing Problems & When to Call Plumber

5 Most Common Plumbing Problems & When to Call Plumber

Plumbing problems may play extremes. Sometimes they can be something that can be postponed for days and sometimes they can be something that needs nothing but immediate, instant reaction and in both situations, a common concern is that these problems need to be solved or they can lead to bigger problems and bigger bills and onerous troubles to your property.

5 Most Common Plumbing Problems:

• Low Water Pressure:

In case of a low water pressure, you may need an immediate waterline repair from plumbing professionals or your life can be on a standstill due to reduced water pressure. There can be numerous reasons behind the lowered pressure- clog in waterlines or pipes, corrosion, leaks or waterlines.

• Leaking Pipes:

Waterlines are immortal and it is a myth. Brass ones stay for 40-70 years, galvanized steel ones stay for 15-50 years and rest depends upon the care of homeowners and renters. The pipes may even expire sooner.

• Clogged Drain:

Talking about common plumbing pains- bathroom and kitchen sink drains most often get clogged and the reason is human and his careless dumping habits. Some items are made for garbage boxes and that’s all what renters and homeowners need to understand. Otherwise, drain cleaning services are always ready to help.

• Remodeling Damage:

Although, many times people are wary of the location of pipes but our plumbing experts and call handles report more than usual number of remodeling damage in Denver. If there are inexperienced construction contractors, such loss is more probably expected. Location of waterlines or drain lines must be taken care of, or the drain cleaning plumbing professionals at PipeXnow must be called when emergency happens.

• Burst Pipes:

Burst pipes may happen for myriad reasons, and in Denver the chilling, freezing cold is reason #1. If your waterlines are not insulated, they may not bear the temperature drop- they freeze, water inside them freezes and the pressure developed from the process causes burst pipes. Only the best waterline repair services by plumbing professionals can help get rid of the loss caused.

Also, when to call professional plumbing services?

Just when you are not willing to do routine DIY maintenance tasks or when you aren’t able to do them due to lack of your expertise or know how, you need to call the best professional plumbing services at Denver.

• Plumbing Maintenance:

One way to prevent huge bills or troubles on plumbing is to never miss plumbing maintenance. If you go for regular maintenance, it would solve many problems before they grow into bigger.

• Professional Inspections:

If you call the best plumbing services for waterline, sewage, drain cleaning services, for regular inspections, you can avoid a lot of problems. It would help you to keep your plumbing problems on check. They can be recognized before and can be solved on time.

4 Tips on How Saloons can avoid hefty Bills of Drain cleaning & Waterline Repair

4 Tips on How Saloons can avoid hefty Bills of Drain cleaning & Waterline Repair

Hairs are the culprits of majority of drain clogs at residential settings. During the camera inspections and drain cleaning services, our experts usually reach to diagnosis that hair are one of the most found blockers of the drains.

And not just in case of residential drain cleaning services Denver, there are some businesses where hairs take whole the blame for clogging the drains. Also, since there is good amount of water usage at saloons, waterlines and fixtures also need regular maintenance and replacement.

If waterlines and drains are not given regular maintenance, saloons usually may have to confront hefty drain cleaning and waterline bills. Saloons can save such kind of heavy costs if they follow following tips.

  • Efficient Water Fixtures for Less water Usage

Those water bills that would knock your door at regular intervals can also give you some serious knock down blows. Shift to more efficient plumbing fixtures that can help you save water bills. Also since a good flush is necessary, go for toilets that require half a gallon to flush. Also, if you have a low water pressure coming through the fixtures, call best waterline repair services for diagnose of troubles related to waterlines.

  • Regular Drain Cleaning is The Key To Hefty Drain Costs

Based on foot count of visitors who come for hair related treatments, you must always plan frequency of your drain cleaning services. More visitors at your saloons ask for more regular drain cleaning to keep your drain flow going without any hitch or clog. The greasy, sludgy compounds flushed along with the hair can make up stubborn clogs that may take longer than expected to repair. Even if you see minor symptoms, make sure to go for a jetter or drain cleaning services to get rid of small clogs before they turn to bigger ones.

  • Drain Screens Are A Great Help

Before the hair reach the drains and mess with the flow, you can install some mesh or some screens that can keep them from entering the drains. If the mesh or screen installations work perfect, you may also get in no need to see drain cleaning services Denver for a long period. And still if someday even after the mesh installation, you feel that there is some trouble, PipeXnow is always there to help.

  • Regularly Go For Thorough Leak Checks

If you don’t want to hire a plumber for leak checks until and unless there are symptoms that really show a leak, you can do these checks on your own. You just need to be wary about the small dripping sounds or water puddles forming out of nowhere in some spaces near drain lines or waterlines in your saloons. This way, you can stop a bigger damage related to drains or waterlines.

So, this way if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you won’t have to see drain cleaning or waterline repair services so often for drain or waterline troubles halting your business.

4 Actions to Protect Waterlines & Water Loss| Waterline Repair

4 Actions to Protect Waterlines & Water Loss| Waterline Repair

Your waterlines are one of the crucial parts of your plumbing system. If there takes place some breakage or damage in them, they can cause greater loss to your property and your health sometimes.

Here’re some of the measures that must be taken to save oneself from waterline damage or its consequences

  • Shut Off the Valves When Waterlines Break

A delay in getting a professional waterline repair help is nothing to not expect. Whenever you see water gushing out of your waterlines, make sure to turn off the valve to the particular waterline before the professional help arrives.

  • Don’t Delay Waterline Replacement

Never avoid waterline inspections. Avail services for waterline examination once or twice a year, in order to recognize corroding, clogging, bulging or damaging pipes before they infect the whole waterline system. If waterline system is to be replaced soon, don’t delay.

  • Be Mindful of Waterlines During Construction

When you are indulging in construction or renovation practices, make sure that waterlines are taken care of. Always locate them and take all the prevention measures that are necessary in order to save them from accidents that can demand immediate waterline repair.

  • Be Wary About Contaminated Water Supply

Waterline breakage can cause contaminants such as soil, bacteria and other things to seep inside your pipes, flow with water and find way to your home. In such case, you must always be wary of the change in color of water to avoid yourself from health damages.


In any circumstances, when waterline damage occurs or something happens as a consequence of waterline damage, residents or commercial building owners must be careful enough to recognize the damage and call waterline repair services as soon as possible.

Why Do You Need Best Commercial Plumbing Services?

Why Do You Need Best Commercial Plumbing Services?

Being a reputed plumbing service for waterline restoration, drain cleaning, hydra-jetter services or sewer line cleaning Denver, we have prestigious clients at Denver and nearby areas who generally call us for each and every trouble at their commercial establishments. We are also acclaimed for residential plumbing services and we have large number of homeowners as our loyal customers who have our number on their dialing screen whenever anything goes wrong with their sinks, sewers or waterlines. Our plumbers usually talk about the difference between residential and commercial establishment plumbing issues.

We often hear our plumbers saying that plumbing Issues in the commercial establishments are more complex, time consuming and graver. And due to this, we assume that those complex issues must always be handed to dexterous plumbing experts who have experience, skills and equipment to carry out the hard, demanding task.

Apart from this, residential plumbing issues can wait. Usually homeowners may deliberately wait for days for getting the dripping taps repaired or some seeping waterline repair. But in case of commercial plumbing issues, there are a lot of things at stake such as productivity, customer satisfaction and many other crucial aspects depending upon the type of business, even when the issue is petty.

Summing up all those experiences and judgments of our expert plumbers, we would share in the blog why it is important to hire the best plumbers for all-time crucial commercial plumbing issues.

  • Dire Requirement of Immediate Response

Since, commercial establishments have massive infrastructure involving huge investments. Due to thousands and millions of dollars at stake, an immediate response to a plumbing issue is mandatory. Dripping walls due to water leaks in an IT company or musty sewer smell in a restaurant or coffee café can cause havoc in the organization, resulting to considerable losses.

Since problem may happen at any time, a professional 24/7 emergency plumbing service is crucial in order to get rid of inconvenience caused due to delay in availing drain cleaning services and sewer line cleaning.  At PipeXnow, we even don’t charge extra for plumbing services availed during emergency hours.

  • One Slip can result in huge bills

Just one slip caused by the inexperienced plumber can result in more complex problems which may simply cause you to raise your expenditure on plumbing issues. In case of commercial establishments, there is no room for any error so there is certainly no room for experimenting with a cheap, unlicensed plumber who has zero to very less experience in handling issues like yours.

There is a need for a well-designed process for issue resolving and that is what the best plumbing services apply in their operations.

  • Indispensable Need for Equipment Availability, Time-Efficiency

If you are calling for jetter services, you can relate how a good equipment kit loaded with state of art plumbing machinery and tools matters. For your complex commercial drainage or sewer systems, you certainly cannot trust a mediocre plumbing agency who has limited resources.

Last but not the least, time efficiency and equipment availability are things that are very crucial for issue management in commercial establishments. In commercial establishments, each minute costs dollars and delay in repair is the last thing that a commercial establishment owner would expect from a plumber to whom he is paying for repair. And only the best plumbing services like PipeXnow would do the job in a way that is quick and fail proof for sure.

Even if the scenario asks for the need for services of sewer line camera inspection Denver, the need for time-efficiency and equipment availability can be easily judged by the commercial establishment owners.