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At midnight hour or in the day when you are all alone, noticing the eerie silence at your home, are you ever haunted by sounds from your taps, showers, kitchen drains or bathroom drains?

Well, if it is a yes, let’s proceed ahead with what those sounds actually mean and why you should then be scared about your waterline or drainage system.

We must mention that we are not talking about the sounds that come when you let the water down the drain or the general sounds that indicate the normal working of drainage or waterline system. We are discussing those plumbing sounds that you may sometimes assume are normal but in actual they are indication of a grave problem that requires immediate waterline repair or drain cleaning.

Vibrating or Rattling:

You may be familiar with such sound. The vibrating sounds that pipes make when water passes through them. Generally, loose pipes are the cause when you a hearing this sound frequently and a little loud. You can tighten the mounting straps of pipes or replace the older ones to extend life of your waterline & avoid problems related to it.

If it is not getting stopped, water pressure coming at your house is high. Call a professional plumber to get a pressure mitigating valve installed.


Your drains don’t actually do this gurgling practice if they are healthy. When you hear sound of gurgle when water flows down a suspected drain, it’s a blockage that needs immediate treatment by drain cleaning services Denver. If you can’t spot one suspected drain but suspect every other drain at your house, your drain vents need to get replaced.

Thudding, Shuddering or Banging

The vibration of water pipes behind your walls has gotten worse. It is a more serious problem than described in the previous point. When a fast working valve abruptly stops the flow of water to the dispensing point, a sound that resembles hammer hitting hard surface is produced. To those who know, yes it is hammer effect.

If it is left untreated for long, it can cause serious issues to waterline system. If the sound is getting worse and wild every day, you need to call a waterline repair as soon as possible.

Screeching or Whining

Unlike the other above mentioned sounds, this sound reveals problem with outer plumbing part. Most probably, it is a loose/broken part in faucet. To get the part or faucet replaced is the best call.


After knowing about the plumbing sounds that haunt your house, you must get the problems treated or they can turn into something big and risky to your property.