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Professional plumbing technicians delivering services for sewer line cleaning Denver or anywhere across the globe harness their experience and expertise to clear obstructions in the sewer lines. What complements their skill set are state-of-the-art tools that empower professional plumbers to unclog even the most stubborn drains with ease.

There are various types of sewer line cleaning tools; each can be used individually or in combination with other tools, as required to serve a purpose. Let us take a look at the common tools widely used by the plumbing technicians.

Hydrojet Equipment

Hydrojet equipment is ideal for hydro-jetting. The use of this tool allows the discharge of high-pressure water that is used to remove any contaminant like material build-up, tree leaves, or other things, which may have clogged the sewer lines. The process also helps remove tough obstructions caused due to sand, gravel and toilet paper. It is an efficient and accelerated means of sewer line cleaning, thus helping the plumbers to bring your life back to normal quickly.


Every sewer cleaning company, focused on delivering quality and quick solutions to its customers, utilizes a camera for performing its jobs Although this tool is optional, sewer line camera inspection enables thorough monitoring of sewer lines from the inside. This helps the plumbers to identify the hidden causes easily and eliminate the same in less time. Besides, a camera helps the professionals to utilize the best clog removal technique and find out whether the pipes need replacement or not.


It is a semi-rigid cable, deemed perfect to get rid of anything blocking the sewer pipe. It is usually inserted into the pipe so it could push any contaminant or catch a blockage that gets out of the sewer line after the rod is pulled out. Rodders are of different types – the most common is the tape rod which is the basic coil-shaped rod having a plug or ball on its end.

Closet auger

It is regarded as the most useful tool for sewer line cleaning Denver. It has a spring cable whose ends consist of a self-feed auger head and the other end has its handle. Its working is akin to a rod but it is typically used for handling clogs in a toilet. However, its springs can sometimes cause a problem as these can make the auger bend and prevent it from reaching all the other areas in a sewer line where blockages may exist.

There are indeed various other tools that the plumbing technicians use for sewer line cleaning. You should hire professional plumbers who utilize these tools to take care of any type of sewer and plumbing problems.