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It is normal to hear some bubbling murmurs when you flush water is flushed down the drains. But gurgling sounds coming from drains or lines at random times when you haven’t used the bathroom or kitchen sinks or toilet recently, are disturbing and abnormal. They can be a sign that there is something going wrong with your drainage system.

Calling drain cleaning services is a thing that people can do to impede any abnormal functioning inside the drains. But if you ignore and the sounds keep on coming, you could possibly welcome big troubles on your part. Sometimes, the trouble is even bigger than a blockage and at that time no one but a professional plumbing service can help you to get rid of unpleasant consequences that may happen further

What causes the drains to gurgle?

Before knowing the 4 simple steps to sort out your drain gurgle struggle, you must know the cause behind the unlikable sounds.

The reason behind the ugly drain murmurs is air bubble formation. When water is flushed down the drain, an air pocket is formed when the water struggles to get through the clog. The trapped air pocket forces itself move upwards in the drains while water is running down to designated area and that causes you to hear those ugly bubbling sounds.

If then your drains are cleaned by skilled drain cleaning services, no gurgling sounds are noticed as the flow goes back to its normal pace and the water and bubbles leave through the normal unhindered passage.

In case of such sounds from your sewer lines, it may be a blockage in sewer lines or debris collection in the vent pipes that is causing such sounds.

4 simple steps to sort the drain bubbling sounds out

If you are able to observe gurgling sounds at different areas inside your house, your problem may already be bigger than you are thinking. So, don’t ignore the sounds and follow the following steps:

Stop being careless to your dumping habits:

In the event when there is already a clog, don’t make the problem bigger by flushing things that can add up to the already built in blockage.

Concentrate on the sounds and make a clear picture about the issue:

You should not appear confused while you tell your drain cleaning services that the bubbling sounds are coming from a particular sink or from different parts of your house. The problems are separate and too are their solution. So, before you talk to your plumber, take time and figure out the actual problem.

Treat the blocked drains:

Use the chemical drain cleaners carefully. Most of them are harmful to your drains and others are not efficient enough to clear the major blockages or hidden blockages.

Apart from this, if you have the relevant skill, tool and experience, you can take over the drain cleaning task.

Call professional drain cleaning services:

Alternatively, if you don’t have experience or professional training to carry out the drain cleaning, you must not give it a try. Calling insured, licensed professionals is all what you need to do to avoid the worsened condition that can be possible due to inexperienced doing your drains.

Call PipeX drain doctors that specialize in drain cleaning in Denver. PipeX has insured, licensed and trained plumbing professionals handed with latest equipment and so they are appropriate to do your drains. Call today.