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4 Major Culprits behind Sewer Damage

4 Major Culprits behind Sewer Damage

Being one of the leading Services for Sewer Line Cleaning in Denver, we are asked this question frequently about why the sewage damage occurs. There are diverse reasons behind the sewage damage but if we have to point out some very common culprits, we can list out four. This blog would cover those 4 problems causing elements that result in a mess that is unbearable and probably very costly to treat.

4 Most Common Root Causes for Sewer Damage:

While you and we may think of many, here are the 4 most common causes of sewer damage that according to our drain cleaning services Denver have the potential to bring awful headache to you and heavy hit on your pockets.

1. Tree Roots:

Your sewer lines are a rich source of fertilizer and water for the tree roots. The uninterrupted supply generally draws tree roots towards sewer lines and causes the sewer lines’ wall to break.

There need not be a tree in your yard for root damage to be your sewer damage cause. It could probably be your neighbor’s tree also and sometimes any other surrounding tree. This doesn’t surely mean that you should stop planting trees but it means that you should go for sewer line cleaning more often.

2. Day-To-Day Wear Tear:

Based on how less frequently you go for sewer line cleaning in Denver and how more pressure do you put on your sewage system, your sewer has more chances to get damaged.
Also, the average age of those old installed clay sewer lines is just 50 years. So, if you have those lines, you probably need to get them replaced as they might have already exceeded their lifespan. If you have PVC sewer lines, you may go for regular maintenance. That is a secret to the longer lifespan of your sewer lines.

3. Rodents:

When sewer rats are involved in your sewer damage, it is never going to be a good sign. Rodents reside, multiply in sewer lines and generally loosen joints or develop cracks wherever they house.

They pose grave damage to your sewer lines. Whenever your sewer line camera inspection or drain cleaning services in Denver report this damage, you need to get the problem treated permanently as soon as possible.

4. Physical Barriers:

We repeatedly inform our customers that toilets don’t gulp all the things that you throw down the drains.

We find toys, diapers, diamond rings, cooking grease, paper tissues and towels, hygiene products, and many other things in sewer lines. They basically clog the flow of sewer and cause problems for homeowners. Even if you don’t throw these things, dirt and muck may also impede the flow.


Understanding such issues closely can potentially help homeowners figure out what can be done to prevent them. This would minimize the chances of the occurrence of intolerable turmoil. All you need to keep all the sewer damage in check is, repeatedly availing sewer line camera inspection and sewer line cleaning Denver. This would help minimize the risks of havoc happening from sewer damages.

A Brief Low Water Pressure Guide: Causes & How to Deal

A Brief Low Water Pressure Guide: Causes & How to Deal

Low water pressure can be one of the worst problems that one can ever face. What can be more annoying than a shower that doesn’t have pressure to wash off the shampoo or a bathroom sink faucet that takes too long to wash hands?

Similarly, flooding caused by burst waterlines can pose unbearable conditions for people. All such issues need to be addressed by professional waterline repair services as soon as they are noticed.

The following headlines represent three different kinds of problems that happen with your waterline.

• Low Pressure in the Whole House:

If not a single faucet or line but your whole house is experiencing a lower water pressure, there is certainly a substantial problem with the plumbing which needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Your main water supply line has a leak.

Check with your neighbors. In case they are facing a similar problem, you need to call the municipality. There are chances that your municipal line is damaged.

• Supply Line Issues:

If your whole house isn’t facing such an issue, there is certainly a problem with a single supply line that is serving a particular area. You need a plumber to access the damage that is causing the low pressure. Even if you think, the pressure is slightly low and a leak may be too small to be taken seriously, you are wrong. You need to call waterline repair and replacement services.

Small leaks can sometimes cause big damages. Mold growth, rots, floods, damage to your house’s foundation, etc. are some of the problems that can be caused by leaks resulting in low pressure. So, whenever low pressure is detected, it is suitable to call the best water line repair services.

• Pressure Issues with Fixtures:

If various fixtures have low-pressure problems, they need to be replaced or repaired as the professionals suggest. This may mean a simple fix that is required but it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Denver and nearby areas have hard water. The hard water leaves deposits on the fixtures which may be a reason why the water pressure has fallen. One of the proficient water line repair services in town can easily detect and treat the problem.

Get All Your Waterline Issues Fixed By Best Water Line Repair and Replacement Experts Denver

All about Basement Flooding: Causes, How to Prevent & Treat

All about Basement Flooding: Causes, How to Prevent & Treat

Basement flooding poses a threat to your property and health. The dangerous as well as gross water damage resulted from the flooded basement can be a reason for damage to your furniture and everything else in your basement.

Reasons Why Basement Floods & How To Handle When They Finally Happen:

Water Leaks:

Water heater or washer leaks or other waterline leaks can cause your basements to flood. Whenever something like this happens, you can call waterline repair as soon as possible. If you can find the valve of the leaking pipe, you can shut it down to postpone your repair for some time (if you have discovered a flooding basement at non-business hours).

Severe Weather Conditions:

When icy weather gets over and it’s a spring, a snowmelt time, Denver may experience water causing floods in their basements. When groundwater level rises in such weather, water may find its way to basements through already developed or emerging cracks in walls, floors, etc. Installing sump pumps can help you avoid such situations.

Keep Your Drains and Sewers Clear Of Clogs:

If you have drainage systems installed for draining your basement water, get those drains cleaned by best Drain Cleaning Services Denver regularly to make them function perfect during rains and other times. Also, sewer backups can sometimes cause flooding. You probably need a good sewer and drain cleaning company when something like this has caused basement flooding.

The slope of Land:

This kind of condition is difficult to analyze for people. When your basement leaks more often than that of your neighbors, you must get the slope of land on which your house is built, checked.

Cracks in Basement Concrete:

When you have cracks in basement concrete, you are always prone to the water damage caused due to basement flooding. Whatever the reason is rain or what so ever when you have cracks in basement concrete; get them filled with appropriate materials by experts.

How to Prevent:

Get Your Gutters Cleaned More Often:

Gutters take water away from the foundation of your house. When they’re not cleaned or not working properly, you can’t expect seamless working from them. Get Sewer Line Cleaning Denver on regular intervals so that gutters remain clean of debris and don’t cause any problems further.

Upgrade Drainage Systems:

Get sump pumps installed to divert the excess groundwater away from the foundations of your house. They generally work on power but batteries can keep them working even during the power-out hours.

Update Your Waterline System

Broken water lines can cause problems leading to basement floods. When your waterlines are over-aged, they burst and crack more often. So, update your waterlines when the time of the previous one has expired.


The abovementioned were causes and prevention tips for preventing flooding basements. If you’ve experienced something of this sort recently, call us for Waterline repair or replacement, Sewer Line Cleaning Denver, or Sewer line replacement or drain cleaning services Denver. We’ll be happy to help. Get A Quote Now.

4 Reasons why you need Waterline Repair and Replacement Services

4 Reasons why you need Waterline Repair and Replacement Services

It’s pretty obvious that water line repair and replacement services are a blessing to homeowners and their plumbing. Those waterline experts armed with the right equipment and tools can treat your burst pipes and can replace them anytime you need.

In the blog, we would mention 4 reasons why you would need to call Water Line Repair and Replacement Experts Denver ever in your life.


Why Pipes Burst?

Pipes generally burst because of the following reasons:

– Frozen Pipes Due to a Sudden Spring Chill or Hailstorms
– Corroded Pipes
– Improperly Installed Pipes
– Tree Root Intervention
– Faulty Water Pressure
– Problematic Foundations
– Aging Pipes

Pipes once burst can cost hefty structural and plumbing repairs. So, you may come up with the most suitable option as soon as you discover a burst pipe.

Your plumber from Waterline Repair and Replacement Services may advise you when a water line replacement is needed and when a repair can do the job. Whether it is a small water leak or a massive burst, you would need to worry because:

– More and more water leaking is costing you money. Your waterline bill will reveal them all. Apart from the bill, more water leaked would cause more damage, and more costly would be the repair.

– Mold caused due to leaks is a threat to health. Even if you can’t see it, it is still affecting you.

– Damage from water leaks goes a long way. They cause structural damage and may cost you a lot of money when you want to get it repaired.


Based on the age of your house and plumbing, you may need to get your waterlines replaced even if you don’t even see symptoms of a water line repair needed. If the age is more than or equal to 50 years, you need a replacement. Old pipes can be a health threat too if they’re made of some material that isn’t good when it ages. Apart from this, the older the pipes, the weaker they are. This means more problems.


If you generally take care of aging appliances, you should also take care of aging pipes. Whenever you feel, you should upgrade, do it.

If you have poor water quality or your area has water pressure problems, your pipes might age soon, and therefore, waterline replacement is needed earlier.


You may need Water Line Repair and Replacement Experts Denver for just repair sometimes. Waterline bursts and leaks aren’t the only problems that you would ever face in your life. Water hammer problems, contaminated water supply, and many more issues would need you to call waterline experts.


The above-mentioned are some of the reasons why you would need water line repair or replacement services. However, if we have missed one or two, you can inform us and call us for getting it treated.

PipeXnow has the most reliable plumbers for the jobs and they’re available for same-day repair. Call us now to get a free quote for a job, in case you have a pending replacement or repair requirement.